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Oil Platform

Date 27. May. 2024.


Jack Up System

We developed and implemented electro - hydraulic system for lifting oil paltform up and down. System consists of 16 cylinders, 4 hydraulic power packs an total programible logic controlers process control. Process iz fully automatized and monitored on two touch screens. Oil platform weight is 2000 tons and speed of lifting / lowering is about 5 meters per hour.

How it works!

Using that system is very simple by choosing would you like to lift or lower platform and press button START and monitor process. Developed software is user friendly and diagnostic is simple and easy to use. Locking, unlocking, lifting, lowering is automatized.

Company Invantation!

We invite all companies to contact us to solve havy weight lifting with electro - hydraulic lift system! Click on the link below to see picture gallery from Valletta, Malta...


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