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About us

Date 19. Jun. 2024.


Since 1994...

Delta Electronics was founded 1994. We are specialized in engineering of automation and instrumentation in process industry, mining, civil engineering, food industry... Specialy we are specialized for the designing and manufacture of electro – hydraulic systems, electro – pneumatic systems, measuring facilities and systems.

NEW - company satisfaction certification:

Chamber of commerce and industry of Serbia certifies that the company satisfies the criteria for certification. Certification basis is credit report and regular monitoring from COFACE Serbia credit reporting house. Following basic information about the company is verified. Download our certification:

Advanced Fast Build Construction Concept - FBCC

We are proud to introduce our new equipment we developed for lifting concrete slabs in building construction. Our new system Gorilla can make revolution in easy, fast and cost-effective concrete construction industry. We provide you complete know how support to make concrete slabs on the ground level and lift them on projected levels easy, fast and cost-effective. No meter how many floor slabs you need to put in the building, what is they weight…we will help you to easy change project to our way building concrete on the building. Benefits are numerous and great in time, number of workers and up to 20% concrete construction saves! Our system is unique, flexible and adaptable and we will always find solution fits to your needs.

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Scope of work

Delta Electronics employs such engineers, technicians, mechanics and erection workers who are specialists in the fields of electronics, mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics etc. Issues which Delta Electronics deals with involve anything from the simple automation to the most complex systems for the management of which computers, PLC, networks, multiprocessors, transmitters, sensors and the like are used.

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Electrohydraulics systems production

Delta Electronics is completely specialized and of a highly qualified for electrohydraulics systems production, as well as servicing of the heavy weights ( loads ) in the construction industry by the help of electrohydraulics systems. This very modern way of the construction is very suitable since the construction is faster and the price of the building concrete is 20% lower. Electrohydraulics systems can be used whenever You need to lift heavy weights ( in oil industry, bridge building… )

> > > Watch video: How It Works

> > > Watch video: How It Works YouTube

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Industry automation

Modern electronics nowdays enables “refreshing” of the machines that are used widely, and you can also modernize old electronic units with the newer ones, You can also add more functions to the machines as well as raising productivity and accuracy of the machines. Our company can also solve the problems that you have in measuring and regulation in chemical, processing, food, mine industry. With us You can have the complete automation with the highest supervising levels in water supplying ( processing and acquisition of data ), but also using GSM communication in order to transmit data between communication objects. If You require, our trained stuff can make machines that are specialized for different purposes – packing machines, stuffing machines, transportation industry tracks…

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