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pile load test

Pile load tester

Date 19. Jun. 2024.


Types of Pile Testing

Most of the time, we don’t often pay attention to the piles after it is being cast. But, just like any other structural members, they are also prone to structural failures and sometimes noticing these damages is already too late when the settlement occurs. This failures and damages can be associated with the pile design or pile construction and workmanship. To avoid these unforeseen circumstances, it is required for piles to be tested at the early stage of construction. In this way, it is always economical to find a solution when we detect any pile damages at the start rather than detecting it on the latter part of the construction. There are so many pile tests available depending on its purpose, but the most common type of pile tests are the Dynamic Load Test, Static Load Test, and the Pile Integrity Test.

1. Static Load Testing
2. Bi-directional Load Testing
3. Dynamic Load Testing
4. StatNamic Load Testing
5. StatRapid Load Testing

All can be performed onshore as well as offshore.

SLT – Static Load Testing

Like the dynamic load test, a Static Load test can be done to evaluate the bearing capacity of the pile. In the Static Load Test, the test load will be applied by hydraulic jacking against Kent ledge (concrete blocks) with the load being measured by calibrated and certified pressure gauges on the selected pile. The pile settlement will be recorded by means of dial gauges registering against a reference beam; optical level may be used to confirm the readings. The pile will be tested by increment loading according to the required standard with the record kept of time, load and settlement. Interpretation of the pile load test will be submitted to assess the pile capacity. The criteria for defining the load of the piles will be, but not limited to the following:

  • The load at which settlement continues to increases without any further increase of load.

  • The load beyond which there is an increase in net settlement disproportionate to the increase in load.

To test the load, a minimum load applied during the test will be equal to 1.5 times the working load. So it is important to identify the working load of the pile into consideration.

Pile Load Test 2

Being the basis of all test, Delta Electronics performs static tests, both in compression and tension. Vertical, horizonal or under any slope. With the equipment dedicated and designed for this type of test (see Delta Electronics Quad), high quality readings of load and settlements can be obtained.

The SLT is especially suitable for:
  • Piles with relatively small capacity

  • To determine design factors for shaft and toe resistance

  • To determine load-displacement behaviour

  • Trouble shooting

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