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Date 23. Apr. 2024.


How to join our team?

We would like to inform you that our Company Delta Electronics is specialized to develop, produce, and implement electro-hydraulic systems for lifting heavy loads in Building Construction Industry and in Oil Industry. We already use this technology and have experience. Also, we develop, produce and implement Jack Up electro-hydraulic lift system for lifting and lowering oil platform. When you join our team you can represent GORILLA NSL 200T and Jack Up system for lifting platforms.

Watch New Bridge Construction Animation And Contact Us ...

The first step is to visit our website, watch animation how it works and understand it. It is enough to understand what it is it about and which are benefits of using that concrete construction building technology - not details - DETAILS ARE OUR JOB. Contact relevant project and construction companies that can be interested in our products, show them how it is easy and what are benefits of using our system. When you find company give them our contact and inform us about it. We will discuss details about the contract. If we sign the valid contract you will get you the commission.

You can use direct contacts, internet tools, Email marketing, your web site to find clients for us...

Delta Electronics employs such engineers, technicians, mechanics and erection workers who are specialists in the fields of electronics, mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics etc. Issues which Delta Electronics deals with involve anything from the simple automation to the most complex systems for the management of which computers, PLC, networks, multiprocessors, transmitters, sensors and the like are used.

Learn how GORILLA NSL 200T works

Look here photos from Siberia, Russia

Oil Industry

We develop, produce and implement Jack Up system for lifting and lowering oil platform (weight 2000 tons) for Zammit Group Company from Malta.

Look here for photos from Malta

So, If you have some applications and help us to get valid contract you will get a commission!

We are convinced you will be satisfied with possible commissions!

Contact us by Email to find best model for cooperation!


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