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Delta Electronics Services

Date 18. Aug. 2019.


DELTA ELECTRONICS was founded in 1994.

DELTA ELECTRONICS is specialized in engineering of automation in Process Industry, Mining, Civil Engineering, Chemical, Food Industry... Particularly is specialized for the designing and manufacture of electro–hydraulic systems, electro–pneumatic systems, measuring facilities and systems.

DELTA ELECTRONICS also can develop, produce, and implement electro hydraulic systems for lifting heavy loads in Building Construction Industry, Oil Industry, Bridge Construction and for specific needs.

DELTA ELECTRONICS solves the problems of control from the simpler process to complete production lines, using PLCs, computers, actuators and sensors, which includes the development and implementation of appropriate software packages.

DELTA ELECTRONICS is particularly specialized in the performance of tasks which require skills and experience in the field of electronics, programming, hydraulics and pneumatics.

DELTA ELECTRONICS owns space of 500 m2 (110 m2 of office space and 390 m2 of production space), where can work about 40 workers.

DELTA ELECTRONICS is interested in cooperation with other companies and in this sense can offer the following services:

• Assembling, wiring and testing of electrical cabinets

• Montage and testing of electrical devices and components

• Montage and testing of electro-mechanical devices and components

• Montage and testing of mechanical devices and components

• Assembling and testing of special electric motors and electromagnetic devices and components

• Programming PLCs

• Programming SCADA applications

• Design, manufacture and testing of electrical systems and installations

• Design, manufacture and testing of hydraulic systems and installations

• Design, manufacture and testing of pneumatic systems and installations

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