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Date 7. Mar. 2021.


  Applicazioni Elettriche Generali Srl, Caserta, Italy

  Professional hydraulic press DE P240T

  Sugut Naftagas, Sibir, Rusija

  Business center 30000 m2

  Zammit group, Alastair, Malta

  Oil platform synchro lift - Jack Up

  Sever ATB, Subotica

  Professional hydraulic press machine 80 T

  Užice Put, Užice

  Bridge Construction Method - NEW !!!

  Geo Expert , Subotica

  Automation oedometer GE K9C

  K A P, Podgorica

  Hydraulic test table

  Krušik precizni liv AD, Mionica

  Horizontal plastic compress machine 150T

  Skatola PAK, S.Banovci

  Automatic machine for boxes making

  RTB, Bor

  Automation and regulation in mining industry

  RMHK Trepcha Kosovska Mitrovica

  Automation and regulation in mining industry

  Henkel Merima, Kruševac

  Ph regulation

  JP Bogovina, Bor

  Water supply City Bor

  Beograf, Beograd

  Universal hydraulic compress machine 50 T


Video production  VP4U

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