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Concrete Technology Synchro Lift Gorilla New Sinchro Lift - Lift Slab Technology - Slab Jacking

Date 27. May. 2020.


FAST BUILD CONSTRUCTION CONCEPT - FBCC ! - Lift Slab Construction / Slab Jacking

That means you can build concrete slabs on the ground level and lift them with electro-hydraulic system on projected levels. Build you concrete construction EXTREMLY FAST (Slab Jacking) with electro-hydraulic lift GORILLA NSL 200T ! If you are advanced construction company you can go to lift complete floors with walls and instalations finished on the ground level... No limits in number of slabs, weight, slab size...There is always solution for you needs...We can adjust GORILLA size to you project ! We use this system GORILLA NSL 200T for lifting concrete slabs, produced on the ground, and place all of them on projected levels. All concrete slabs are produced on the ground and lifted together in package (till ten concrete slabs in package). When lower concrete slab reach they projected level, rest that slab on lifting column and continue lifting other slabs on they projected levels. Practically there is no limits in load weight (we can use more lifting points) and floors to build (we can move GORILLA equipment up and down and lift as many slabs as you need to lift).

You need only a few minutes to watch short animation on our web site to understand how this revolutionary concept works - Slab Jacking Concept

Benefits of using this synchro lift

  • There are no limits in floor numbers!

  • You can build big concrete slabs with more lifting points!

  • Extremely fast automatic lifting process - ten floors per day!

  • A few workers will do the whole operation with lifting concrete slabs!

  • All concrete slabs are produced on the ground level – even that slab for 35.floor!

  • You can use GORILLA equipment many times!

  • No more work on high, crane is free for other jobs, no more casings, stands

  • Save more than 20% in concrete construction!

  • You can lift floors with walls, installations ...


How to use FBCC

STEP 1 - Contact us to choose Gorilla lift that match you needs - how many floors - how many concrete slabs, how many lifting columns, how many m2... We provide support in projecting and adjusting project to GORILLA lift...

STEP 2 - Produce concrete slabs (as many as you need) and lifting columns on the ground level with implemented GORILLA equipment on concrete slabs and lifting columns...It is very easy to use equipments...

STEP 3 - Lift easy and fast all concrete slabs on projected levels.

Read frequently asked questions about this electro hydraulic lift system GORILLA NSL!

Construction Company Invitation !

We invite all construction companies to join us in Fast Build Construction Concept mission ! Click on the link below to see simple power point lifting process prezentation...

synchro lift

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